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valentines hearts

Finding Joy in Imperfection

Finding Joy in Imperfection See those hearts on the right? I made those. You know those school projects where the kids are supposed to bring in something innocuous, like say, valentines? And you realize with dismay that your five-year-old is more likely to cut off her pinky than cut a heart-shape a dozen times over?

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Picture Cook

Ever wondered why cookbooks have so much text? Even the lovely glossy pages of your favorite food photography cookbook still typically have written directions. Why is that? Born from this question is a wonderful cookbook from Katie Shelly. “More of a designer at heart than an artist”, Shelly has created a entire cookbook that replaced […]

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Toddler, Dress Thyself

As soon as they were interested in rummaging through their clothes drawers, I’ve encouraged my kids to dress themselves. This is mostly because I’m lazy; why dress my kids when they’ll save me a few minutes doing it themselves, and have more fun in the process?

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Toddler obesity on the (slight) decline

  The number of young children who are obese and extremely obese is going down, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.In what researchers say is the first national study to show that the prevalence of obesity among young children may have begun to decline, scientists analyzed data from […]

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Kitchen Help

A mom friend recently asked me what we do in the afternoons. The topic had come up since I explained that we live in this odd area where the traffic is atrocious between 3-7pm, and that I hate trying to rush home with small children from a park or play date in traffic at 5pm. […]

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