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Loved is Better Than Crunchy

I came to the conclusion that a healthy, happy mom and a formula-fed baby with a full belly was better than an exhausted, desperate mom and a breast-fed baby with a full belly. (Im)perfect Parenting: I suck at being crunchy by Natalie Green I love this. As a happily mostly-crunchy parent, I cannot stress the […]

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I always feel so blessed to have two children that get along so well. I’m like the princess of disclaimers though, so I have to point out that there are plenty of times they don’t get along, and that I know their relationship will change over time. But overall, they are unbelievably sweet to each […]

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The Best Gifts in Life

My birthday is just around the corner and the spouse-unit keeps asking me what I’d like. “World peace,” I answer. He grins. “I’ll see if Amazon has any in stock.” Beat. “What else would you like?”

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