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Finding Joy in Imperfection

Finding Joy in Imperfection See those hearts on the right? I made those. You know those school projects where the kids are supposed to bring in something innocuous, like say, valentines? And you realize with dismay that your five-year-old is more likely to cut off her pinky than cut a heart-shape a dozen times over?

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To Vax, or Not To Vax

By far the best book on this phenomenon is The Panic Virus, by Seth Mnookin; I can highly recommend it. He tells of how when public-health officials try to work out which areas are at highest risk of fatal outbreaks, one thing they do is look at a map of Whole Food stores — it’s […]

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Kitchen Help

A mom friend recently asked me what we do in the afternoons. The topic had come up since I explained that we live in this odd area where the traffic is atrocious between 3-7pm, and that I hate trying to rush home with small children from a park or play date in traffic at 5pm. […]

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