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Picture Cook

Ever wondered why cookbooks have so much text? Even the lovely glossy pages of your favorite food photography cookbook still typically have written directions. Why is that? Born from this question is a wonderful cookbook from Katie Shelly. “More of a designer at heart than an artist”, Shelly has created a entire cookbook that replaced […]

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3 Easy Ways to Feed Your Family More Veggies

I recently came across a couple that was so confused about what to feed their 3-year-old that they were pouring a commercial brand of stage 3 veggies over his rice and meat. Entirely well-meaning, they also had an ample supply of canned food that they ate as standalone meals. They also were on a tight budget and had concerns about the rising cost of food in the supermarket. The father asked my advice on what we feed Spice and Ginny.

I took a deep breath. Where to start?

I pointed out the grocery mailers sitting on their coffeetable. “Here’s the price of the prepared foods,” I said, showing them the ads for canned and boxed meals.

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Kitchen Shortcuts: an Introduction

This article is part of what I hope to be an ongoing series here on crunchy parenting, Kitchen Shortcuts. I’ve given a nod to freezer cooking before, but those of you who have seen my house or watched me cook know that I’m probably not an expert on the planned-way-in-advance cooking. I’m one of those […]

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