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Yes, that’s snow.

My mother is from Malaysia, my father from Sri Lanka, but I’m pretty white bread on the inside. :-) I grew up in Los Angeles, California and after moving around a bit in my 20′s, settled back there. I think the Asian-ness runs out with cooking, some Eastern religious ideas and my childhood. After that, it’s really been all Krispy Kremes, scuffed up Chuck Taylors and hanging out in pool halls with a mug of Guinness and listening to Ozzy.

I married a 6’2″ Danish viking with such blond hair and blue eyes that would put Sookie’s Eric to shame. My lovely, handsome spouse-unit!

In my past incarnation former life life before SAHMhood, I was a geek. A professional, card-carrying geek that specialized in web development and user interfaces. (As in, I made sure websites looked pretty and worked well.) I’ve worked for big giant companies and done private consulting for my own company and even did the whole tech startup thing. Then I had Spice, seriously lost some brain cells and decided to stay home and knit dog sweaters until they grow back.

My sweet Harley.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After being in denial for the better part of a year, I tried the conventional, allopathic treatment route and found it to be less than desirable. I’m now on a path to manage my pain and symptoms through diet, exercise and natural self-care. But it’s still an uphill battle everyday, especially with two little ones!

We used to live in a small charming house in Los Angeles, but have recentl been transplanted to the Bay Area. Our little crew consists of my supersweet kindergartener, Spice and our darling toddler, Ginny. We have one cat, “everybody’s favorite cat”, Harley Quinn (yes, I love Batman), a little dog named J.D., also affectionately known as my Scrap Heap.  :-)

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What I think makes me crunchy:

  • Most of the food in our fridge is either organic, local or homegrown.
  • I don’t buy canned food because of the BPA risk, unless it’s something I’d sell the cat for, like a hard-to-find can of English Ambrosia rice pudding.
  • I’m really into the ideals of Waldorf education.
  • I’d love to homeschool, if I wasn’t terrified I’d mess it up somehow.
  • I don’t let my kid watch TV, other than some carefully selected Bamse & Kylling.
  • We don’t have any electronic toys. The only plastic toys she has are for the bathtub or the sandbox, or zillions of Duplos.
  • I aimed for a homebirth. It almost worked the first time. And we had a wonderful waterbirth the second time! :-)
  • I breastfed Spice until she was almost two. Then, she self-weaned. Ginny also nursed until about two.
  • We co-sleep and will continue for a while.
  • I cloth-diapered until the toddler poop became too gross. Now, we use biodegradable, compostable diapers. Back to cloth diapers, with Ginny, and diaper-free at 2!
  • I’m a true believer in more babywearing and less strollers/carseats/swings/bumbos/jumpers, etc.
  • I love gardening and growing things.
  • I love vegan desserts. All that fattening coconut milk…
  • I love the idea of getting my craft on and making stuff rather than buying it.
  • I still cry over puppy mills and factory farming. Only now, I do it AFTER crying over the plight of hungry children.

What I think makes me not-so-crunchy:

  • We still have a TV. I need my TiVo’d True Blood & Vampire Diaries fix.
  • I have a crippling weakness for cheap packaged ramen and Funyuns.
  • I’m a computer geek, through and through. If there’s a way to techno-fy it, you’d better believe I’ve thought of it and am trying to resist the urge.
  • I love my car, a VW GTI. The thing is fast and I refuse to ruin my joy of speeding in it with guilt over gas pollution or oil dependence. (As sucky as those things are.)
  • Sometimes, I really do miss bleach.
  • I can’t stand the vegan mecca of L.A., Real Food Daily.
  • I owned not one, but two three(!) strollers. And a baby swing.
  • I’m handspinning-challenged. I try it every so often and end up frustrated, in tears, and in tangles.
  • I’ve never composted our compostable diapers.
  • I still love eating meat and eat mostly Paleo or GAPS-inspired. (Bring on the In-N-Out!)

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