Quack Oink Scramble


I have been missing my meat lately. While I have honed my cupcake and cookie skills, I’ve missed some of my favorite paleo meals, like slow cooker short ribs and meaty breakfasts.

So this morning, I stared deep into my messy fridge and started pulling out things. Including a rather sad bunch of kale, yesterday’s leftover ground pork and the last three duck eggs.

I reheated the precooked ground pork in the microwave, jut enough to not make it cold, wash and chopped the kale into smallish pieces, and cracked open the eggs. And took a picture, because they’re just so pretty.


I scrambled the eggs according to Gordon Ramsey’s egg-cellent tutorial on scrambled eggs, and folded in the pork and kale, then served.

(Note: I’ve used everything from extra butter to almond cream for the creme fraiche, and it’s still turned out amazing.)

The girls dubbed this Quack Oink Scramble. Quack for the duck, oink for the pig and scrambled because I said It was more scrambled than smashed. Since smashed was their first choice.

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