Picture Cook

Ever wondered why cookbooks have so much text? Even the lovely glossy pages of your favorite food photography cookbook still typically have written directions. Why is that?

Born from this question is a wonderful cookbook from Katie Shelly. “More of a designer at heart than an artist”, Shelly has created a entire cookbook that replaced boring text with charming illustrations for all the steps required.

Carrot Soup, by Katie Shelly

Book CoverI’ve never quite seen anything that better conveys how I feel about cooking in the kitchen, and I can’t wait to surprise my girls with this book for their next present-receiving holiday. I love how carrot and onion pieces fly into the soup pot, and how the number of cups or spoons easily show how much of each ingredient to use. The whole thing is just genius, and perfect for seeing the big picture of how a meal is made.

Picture Cook is available on Amazon and a great way to introduce kids (and adults) to the creative side of cooking.

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