Nothing screams ‘Fall’ like roasting pumpkin seeds.

Which  I have never actually done before. Successfully, that is.

I remember trying it at one of our first pumpkin carving parties. In hindsight (oh, that naughty, naughty hindsight), we did everything wrong. The seeds were still sopping wet when we spread them on the trays, they steamed into slight soggy shells, and it’s even possible that we forgot to season them.

IMG_20130930_120043After that, the parties continued each year, but I guiltily tossed the seeds in the trash, or scooped them into ziploc bags for more savvy friends and family that knew what they were doing. Over the years, I heard about how good pumpkin seeds are for you, and I excused myself by claming they were a bear to shell, or that I didn’t like eating the shells, or caving and buying the sterile, flavorless shelled and packaged ones.

Well, the girls requested pumpkin soup the other day, and after the spouse-unit and his equally eccentric vibrant father took them shopping, the merry band trooped into the house with not one, but three massive pumpkins. Massive.

Have I mentioned that I haven’t cooked a cooking pumpkin from scratch before? Those puppies are hard as a rock.

After having my Chinese cleaver bounce off a few times with hardly a scratch, I enlisted the spouse-unit, who quickly chopped it into microwaveable pieces for me. (I credit his height & scruffy beard for such prowess.)

The small oven in our new place is pretty powerful, and I let the seeds roast for too long; the outside looked golden and the seeds inside were burnt. Bummer, but there are two pumpkins left.

Ginny was really excited to eat the pumpkin seeds, so I made it up to her by letting her make cupcakes. This included letting her lick the bowl and eat the last sprinkles. Because some things in life just need to happen. :-)

If you’re up for roasting your own, Angela over at Oh She Glows has a great tutorial for how to roast pumpkin seeds. She even burned hers the first time, too, so you know you’re in good company!


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  1. Blaise October 7, 2013 at 5:52 pm #

    Sounds like a fun memory! I love your blog, Vahnee!